Humans not Resources

Treating people with the respect they deserve


Candidates and employers are agreed on one thing. Recruitment is broken.

We can help look at your processes and assumptions to find the right people, from writing job adverts and descriptions to the overall employee offering.

Warning: this might affect your entire company culture!

Performance and Reward Management

In a Lean/Agile organisation, how is performance measured and rewarded? Traditionally we look at targets and appraise progress against that. But as W. Edwards Deming made clear, 95% of business performance comes from the environment and systems that management put in place. So a focus on an individual's performance is managing only 5% of their capability - effectively statistically insignificant.

Note also we employ people in teams to produce output based on their joint effort - it is their interaction and combined skills and experience which deliver results. One person in the team "meeting targets" but the team as a whole failing is pointless.

Therefore look at the team as a group rather than a collection of individuals when thinking about monitoring and reward.

There are other principles to be aware of also in this complex subject, we're happy to come and talk to you about them.