Agile Coaching

Helping teams help themselves

Modern Agile

We believe in the principles of Modern Agile:

  • Make people awesome
  • Make safety a prerequisite
  • Experiment and learn rapidly
  • Deliver value continuously

Noting that:

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast...
  • Fear eats process for lunch, and...
  • Psychology eats logic for dinner
we look first at the human aspects of your team before worrying about processes and practices.


James Hull has been a Certified Scrum Master since 2009, introduced both Scrum and Kanban to a former employer and has hands-on experience with XP at General Electric. He has been a speaker at Agile Yorkshire and sometimes writes blog posts on Agile and other topics on

Book him for a bespoke Agile analysis or coaching programme for your team. As a developer he understands the needs and issues of other developers, as a manager he understands the bigger picture of where your team fits into your wider organisation.


Working to the Kanban principle of starting where you are, we'll first understand your context, situation and status and what you hope to achieve through Agile practices. Rather than tell you what you should be doing, we will help your team to explore and decide for themselves the best approach. You can use our guidance and experience to try new practices but our aim is to faciliate your team gaining ownership over their own work.