How does your work work?

The workplace landscape is changing rapidly. Technology, sociology and psychology can help create workplaces that inspire, motivate and reward people and get great work done.

Innovative companies are finding better ways of working, more streamlined, robust and enjoyable than before; and importantly exploring that gap between what they say they do and what they actually do.

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Agile Coaching

Whether you're thinking of moving your software team into the Agile world, tuning up your Scrum teams or exploring other XP and Kanban practices, we can help.

We're not interested in banging on about rituals and arcane obsessions like 'Velocity'. We just want to help you deliver value continuously, in a safe and rewarding way.

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Software Development

We can also help with the hard work of web and database development, business analysis and product management.

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Having spent much of the last 20 years coding in JavaScript, PL/SQL, and CFML/Lucee enterprise class development, we're sure we can help you with these.

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Product Ownership

We can provide product management consulting, install a Product Owner to interface between technical teams and the business, or technical business analysis.

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Systems Thinking

See the bigger picture; don't be fixated on details. It is the interaction of parts that make up your organisation, not the operation of those parts in isolation.

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Humans not Resources

Explore better ways of recruiting, motivating, rewarding and handling your people; and investigate that gap between your espoused organisational structure and the one in practice.

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